Christmas Services, 2022

Christmas Eve service is at 7pm, December 24, Pastor Steve Knox will be preaching.

Christmas Day (Sunday) service is at 11am on December 25, with Pastor Steve Knox preaching. This will be a “Christmas Sweater Sunday”! Pastor Steve invites you to wear a favorite ugly or beautiful sweater, or even pajamas, or whatever you choose, for this relaxed time of carols and worship.

Services are held at

Congregational Church of Lincoln City
2435 NW Oar Place 
Lincoln City, OR 97367

Pastoral Arrangements, November 2022-January 2023

Pastor Mike has broken his leg. Healing includes surgery, so, for the foreseeable future, Pastors Bob Hanna and Steve Knox, will be filling in for him as he recovers. We remember Bob and Steve fondly as they were with us during Pastor Mike’s recent sabbatical.

Welcome again, Pastors Bob and Steve; heal well, Pastor Mike!

Please note, related to this, Pastor Mike’s series, “Uppity Women of the Bible” is cancelled. This may be rescheduled for a future date.

Who’s Preaching: 

November 27 – Bob Hanna

December  4 – Bob Hanna

December 11 – Lou Miller

December 18 – Lou Miller

December 24 – Steve Knox

December 25 – Steve Knox

January 1 – Steve Knox

January 8 Steve Knox

January 15 Bob Hanna

January 22 Bob Hanna


Early this year we began Uppity Women of the Bible – a DVD-based series featuring Hebrew Bible scholar Dr. Lisa Wolfe. Before Pastor Mike’s sabbatical renewal leave we had studied Ruth, Song of Songs, and Esther. Now that he is back Pastor Mike will lead us in Judith, the final book of this series.

These final 6 sessions will be conducted via Zoom on Tuesdays at 10 AM and 7 PM. Attend the one of your choosing.

November 8                The Real King Antiochus

November 15              Besieged

November 22              Judith’s Plan

November 29              An Unlikely Hero

December 6                 Piety and Violence

December 13               The Art of Artemisia

Sabbatical Pastors Preaching Schedule

While Pastor Mike is away on Sabbatical, we are blessed to have the support of two pastors, Steve Knox and Bob Hanna. They have set up the following schedule for July-September, 2022. One of them plans to be here on Sundays and Mondays every week. They are also available for any kind of emergency. They may be able to make appointments for the days they are not normally in town.

Additionally, both have agreed to continue Mondays with Mike via Zoom every Monday morning from
10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Please note that whoever is preaching on Sunday will be the one who is “on duty” for the week that

June 26 – Pastor Mike’s last Sunday

July 3 – Steve Knox

July 10 – Steve Knox

July 17 – Steve Knox

July 24 – Steve Knox

July 31 – Bob Hanna

August 7 – Bob Hanna

August 14 – Bob Hanna (Church Picnic)

August 21 – Steve Knox

August 28 – Bob Hanna

September 4 – Steve Knox

September 11 – Bob Hanna

September 18 – Bob Hanna

September 25 – Farewell to both Bob Hanna and Steve Knox

October 2 – Tyler Connoley, Central Pacific Conference Minister (UCC)

October 9 – Lina Jaramillo, UCC colleague

October 16 – Welcome back Pastor Mike

Uppity Women of the Bible continues with “Esther”.

Uppity Women of the Bible, the DVD-based series featuring Hebrew Bible professor Dr. Lisa Wolfe, continues through May. After studying Ruth and Song of Songs, Pastor Mike will lead the discussion during each viewing of this video series which now continues with six sessions on Esther.
As always, these next six sessions will be conducted via Zoom on Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Attend the session of your choosing.

April 26 – Who’s Who?
May 3 – Setting the Stage
May 10 – The Defiant Queen
May 17 – From Coronation to Doomsday
May 24 – The King’s Scepter
May 31 – Uppity Esther?

NO MASKS REQUIRED, Beginning March 13

We will follow the Oregon Health Authority guidelines in lifting our mask mandate effective this coming Sunday, March 13. Here are some things to keep in mind for March 13 and the Sundays to follow:

  1. If you have been fully vaccinated a mask will not be required. No proof will be required, and you will be free to continue to wear a mask if you feel the need to do so.
  2. If you have NOT been fully vaccinated a mask WILL be required as well as maintaining 6’ of personal distance.
  3. Ask before you touch. Not everyone is comfortable with hugs or even with handshakes. That is even more true now. Make it normal to ask before you touch people.
  4. Respect people’s medical privacy. “Are you vaccinated yet?” seems innocuous, and it has become a friendly check-in with close friends and family, but it may be that your church friend has a medical condition they don’t want you to know about that makes vaccination dangerous.
  5. Let people wear masks without answering questions. In the UCC, we’re used to letting people dress as they want at church. Do the same for masks. Trust people’s choices. They don’t need to tell you why they’re more comfortable in a mask, any more than they would need to tell you why they’re more comfortable in a dress.
  6. We will reserve pews near the back for mask-wearers only. You may sit any where with a mask on, but if you do not wish to sit near unmasked folks, this section will be a safe place for you.

If you cannot be present, or choose not to attend in-person at this time, don’t worry – we will continue to offer full coverage of our service on Facebook LIVE, and recordings will continue to be posted afterwards on our YouTube channel.

Lastly, we will return to offering fellowship time with light snacks and beverages following worship on Sunday, April 3.