2019 Programs and Events:


Friday, NOV. 8th, 10 am – 3 pm

Saturday, NOV. 9th, 10 am – 3 pm


Special hand made items from

Guatemala to support education

LUNCH Served from 11 am – 2 pm

Soup, Bread, Pie and Drink @ $6.00 each

Come Join Us!

2435 NW Oar Place

(behind Kenny’s IGA – North store)

Lincoln City  – 541-994-2378


                   The Challenge of Paul

                         Tuesdays, thru – November 12

                              10:00am    or   7:00pm

The Apostle Paul is one of Christianity’s most impactful, yet most debated and misunderstood figures. In The Challenge of Paul – a video based resource – Dr. John Dominic Crossan gives us the benefit of his lifelong search for Paul in history to create a new understanding that sheds light on Paul and why he is more relevant than ever today.

Crossan brings Paul “alive” with his distinctive presentation style. In this provocative 8 part series Crossan confronts our traditional understanding about the New Testament writer who seemingly supports anti-homosexuality, slavery, patriarchy, and the subjugation of women. Led by Rev. Michael Grogan.


Monday’s with Mike

Every Monday morning in the Gathering Place there will be time with  Pastor Mike.

Each week, from 10:00 to 11:00, we will have an open discussion of the previous day’s sermon. There will be opportunity for questions, follow-up, and open conversation about whatever was preached the day before. Then, we will turn our collective attention to the scripture text for the coming Sunday, a preview of the sermon Mike is working on. There will also be time for general discussion of your topics of interest.

Too often, we give the task of theological thinking, scriptural reflection, and sermonizing to “paid professionals” when this is really the work of ALL of us in the body of Christ. We hope to see you there!

Community Morning Meditation Hour

Kriya Yoga Class: ancient practices uniting individual with Spirit  … held Every Sunday mornings in our church library from 11am – Noon.  Kriya yoga is for people devoted to personal, spiritual and psychological growth. Join with others in learning and practicing such life style changes as daily meditation and prayer, positive thoughts, good health, study of scripture and Journaling.  All our Welcome!


Facilitated by Mary Ann Favin &/or Marci Woodruff who has been practicing Kriya for over 40 years and is a member of the Center of Spiritual Awareness.

Reasonable Gun Reform – YOU can make a difference


Since December’s tragedy in Newtown, more than 3,200 people have been killed by guns in the United States. [1] This senseless violence needs to end.

Galvanized by the horror of Newtown, people of faith have urged Congress to pass meaningful legislation to reduce gun violence. We have written letters, signed petitions, and held events.
But Congress refuses to act, even as the number of gun deaths continues to rise. To make sure Congress hears our voice, Sojourners is joining with PICO Network (People Improving Community through Organizing) to host an interfaith prayer vigil in Washington, DC, this Thursday, April 11th at 11:30 a.m.

We’ll join hands in prayer on the National Mall surrounded by more than 3,200 wooden crosses and other religious symbols to commemorate those who have died since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. All last week, Sojourners staff and volunteers have been building crosses and preparing for Thursday’s witness.

Here’s how you can get involved with our vigil to end gun violence:

  • Mark your calendar and lift up a prayer with us 11:30 EST on Thursday morning that our elected officials would put aside their differences and pass common sense solutions to reduce gun violence on our streets and in our communities.
  • Contact your member of Congress directly about how we can work together to end gun violence. Every voice matters, so please take a minute to offer yours and encourage others in your network to do the same.
  • Sponsor a cross by making a small gift to Sojourners. Your contribution means you’ll be a part of this powerful witness!

Thanks for all you’re doing to help turn swords into plowshares (Isaiah 2:4).

[1] “How Many People Have Been Killed by Guns Since Newtown?”  Slate partners with @GunDeaths for an interactive, crowdsourced tally of the toll firearms have taken since Dec. 14. [This interactive graphic shows deaths nationally by location, date, and gender and when known, gives their name.]

On God’s Side: For the Common Good

It’s time to ask what it would look like if we could practice the common good in the massive debates that are now dividing our country: economic fairness and social trust; the purpose rather than the size of government; the moral path to fiscal sustainability, ethics for globalization; coming together to holistically prevent gun violence; conflict resolution over endless wars; and countless others.