The Opening Door

Join Us in a 11 week Bible Study:

Survey of Mainline Ecumenical Denominations

Each Tuesday, Sept. 4 – Nov. 13; 10 am or 7 pm

What is the difference between Episcopalians and Disciples of Christ? Are American Baptists the same as Southern Baptists? Why do Methodist ministers move around so much? Is the United Church of Christ the same as the Unitarians? Come learn the history, beliefs, and practices of more than 15 of the oldest and largest church groups in the U.S.  The first three sessions will cover United Methodists, Evangelical Lutherans, and Episcopalians. Led by Rev. Michael R. Grogan.


Harmony and Balance through Ayurveda

Saturday, September 15; 1 – 4 pm

Ayurveda (I-yur-veda) or “life knowledge” is an ancient Eastern Indian practice of healing and maintaining good health of mind, body and spirit.  In this class we will explore your dosha (that which goes out of balance easily) by learning more about your type.  Are you more of a Vata, Pitta or a Kapha type? What does that mean for you and how can you use that knowledge to restore balance for a healthy and purposeful life?  Presenter: Mary Anne Flavin


Homeopathic Color Remedies  Letting light and color re-balance and re-charge you!

Saturday, September 22; 1 – 3 pm

In this introductory two hour class learn about the nature of color and the human energy system and gain rich insights into the mental and emotional therapeutics of color.  The work of Ambika Wauters’ book Homeopathic Color Remedies will be discussed. Presenter: Ruthanne Miller-Haas.


Learning Spanish through Poetry

Saturday, October 6; 10 am – 12 pm                      

Do you want to learn Spanish in a fun and creative way? This free class for beginners uses poetry to help you create your own first sentences in Spanish. In this session we will focus on the theme of your deepest desires. Please bring a Spanish-English dictionary or a device. Led by retired University of Washington Spanish Lecturer, Donni Kennedy.


Having Respectful Political Discussions

Saturday, Oct. 13; 1 – 3 pm

Are your relationships with friends and family suffering because of big differences in political views? Do you still want to have friendly relationships with them? If so, attend an interactive class where you can learn some rules and strategies for better communication and understanding during this toxic political environment. Presenter: Jane Siebert


How Unfair and Illegal Business Practices are Keeping Wages Stagnant: a Community Conversation               

Saturday, October 27, 2018; 2 – 3:30 pm

Almost half of Lincoln County workers are struggling to survive financially. Attend a panel presentation of state and district experts to learn more about this disturbing trend.


Soft as Water: 52 Meditations on Peace by Charles P. Busch

Wednesday, October 31; 1 – 2:30 pm

Be inspired and challenged by Charles Busch’s new book Soft as Water. The author will lead readings and discussion on these powerful peace meditations. Books will be available for purchase and would make wonderful gifts for family and friends.


The Nutritionist within You – for the Holidays!

Optimize your metabolism no matter what you eat

Wednesday, Nov. 14; 2 – 4 pm

If you are concerned and even stressed about eating during the holidays, this introductory two hour class will provide you with specific strategies to boost your metabolic powers and decrease stress hormones. To successfully navigate the holidays, you will learn to get in touch with the wisdom of the nutritionist within you to nourish both your body and soul. Presenter: Ruthanne Miller-Haas, Certified Eating Psychology Coach.


Ongoing Programs

Silent Community Mediation, Sunday at 11am 
In our beautiful library setting, spend an hour sitting in silence to experience the Divine Presence. All are welcome.

Mondays with Mike, Mondays, 10:00 am – 11:00 am – in the Gathering Place.
Have you ever wanted to ask questions or make comments after hearing a provocative sermon? Or give suggestions for future ones? Come to a Monday morning open discussion and spend time with Pastor Mike Grogan and others. There will be opportunity for questions, follow-up and open conversation about whatever was preached the Sunday before. Drop in any Monday mornings for interesting theological discussions.

Life between Lives Wednesdays at 10am
Julie Otrugman and Marci Woodruff host a continuation of discussions about Dr. Michael Newton’s books: Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls. Where do souls go between lives? Past-life regressions and personal accounts suggest far-reaching possibilities.

The Opening Door

is a place for people to gather and participate in positive, life enhancing activities. Partnering with community members and organizations, the Center sponsors events, classes and service projects not currently available, or affordable, for many in our community. These activities are offered at no charge to the community.

To register for these (free) events, or for more information, call 541-921-8168 or email us at  Snacks are provided.  [Note:  registration is requested so that the Center can supply the correct amount of materials and refreshments for all participants]

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