Peace Village

PEACE VILLAGE, ~~ Cancelled for 2022 ~~

Thinking about attending Peace Village?

We accept registration anytime!       Contact the church at (541) 994-2378 for more information.

Peace Village is a multicultural, multiracial, interfaith experience. Campers will hear story tellers from different traditions, participate in music, interact with presenters from different faiths and cultures, classes in yoga and inner strength. Each day has sessions in non-violent conflict resolution, media literacy, and walk-about (ecology).  Other activities may include hikes, drama, beach trip, and art.  Campers 12 and 13 participate in an overnight Rites of Passage.

About Peace Village

In 1995, in Lincoln City, the Reverend Charles Busch began Peace Village, an interfaith week long summer day camp for children ages 6 to 12.  There are now 21 villages in 10 states and Haiti, and they have already begun choosing teen group leaders.

The camps use an award-winning curriculum, Making a Village, which details daily lesson plans for

  • Courting the Peace Within,
  • Nonviolent Conflict Resolution,
  • Media Savvy, and
  • Walking Softly on Mother Earth.

By learning about role models such as Mahatma Gandhi and St. Francis, and developing critical awareness of the media, the environment and nutrition, children learn to build a less violent culture for their future. This is the hard work that lies ahead.

Skills in nonviolence enhance personal power and the capacity for joy—even violent surroundings. The children learn to have fun and build self-esteem. “Peace Village made me who I am: A kind person,” said Gabe, age 19, one of thousands of former Village students.

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