Just Peace Action Team

In 2016 we formally proclaimed ourselves to be a Just Peace congregation of the United Church of Christ. The Just Peace movement is a direct response to the centuries-old theory that seeks to justify Christians condoning, or being involved in a so-called “Just War.”

In following the non-violent example and teachings of Jesus we will work toward a world that promotes the well-being of all people, where conflicts are resolved through non-violent communication and negotiation, without resort to war, exploitation, or violence – and to embody these principles in our life and witness as individuals, and as a congregation.

Our Just Peace Action Team (JPAT) focuses on four main areas of concern and action:

Social Justice & Equality – so that all may live free from fear and oppression

Earth Justice – so that all life is sustained and sustainable

Economic Justice – so that all may live with dignity

Just Peace Among Nations – so that all life may coexist peacefully

If you are interested in the work of JPAT speak with our pastor, or a member of our team. You may also visit the UCC website for more information on just peace work by clicking on this link: https://p2a.co/o0Ur54O