Just Peace Action Team

In 2016 we formally proclaimed ourselves to be a Just Peace congregation of the United Church of Christ. The Just Peace movement is a direct response to the centuries-old theory that seeks to justify Christians condoning, or being involved in a so-called “Just War.”

In following the non-violent example and teachings of Jesus we will work toward a world that promotes the well-being of all people, where conflicts are resolved through non-violent communication and negotiation, without resort to war, exploitation, or violence – and to embody these principles in our life and witness as individuals, and as a congregation.

Our Just Peace Action Team (JPAT) focuses on these four main areas of concern and action (we currently support seven partners (see URL’s below).  Donations to help us support these partners may be mailed to our church at P.O. Box 945, Lincoln City, OR 97367 with the notation “JPAT Fund #2270” on the memo line of the check

Earth Justice – so that life is sustained 

Economic Justice – so that all may live with dignity https://www.ocpp.org/about/

  • Equal opportunity jobs and wage fairness
  • Consumer justice
  • A more just and moral corporate structure

Just Peace Among Nations – so that human lives and all life on earth is valued and protected

  • War is not an acceptable solution to International disputes – https://www.fieldsofpeace.org
  • Migrant, immigrant, and refugee support
  • Human Trafficking

Social Justice & Equality – so that all may live free from fear 

If you are interested in the work of JPAT speak with our pastor, or a member of our team.  You may also visit the UCC website for more information on just peace work by clicking on this link:  https://p2a.co/o0Ur54O