2020 Programs and Events:

Church Life in the Up-Coming Weeks:

(updated 3/28/2020)

For the Up-Coming weeks:

ALL groups, committees, teams, and events will be CANCELED until the governor lifts the shelter-in-place order. These are the ONLY exceptions:


Our 12-step users (AA, NA, Al-Alon, etc.) will make their own determination. Supplies and instructions for disinfecting their spaces will be left in the rooms they use.


Church Family,

I hope this emails finds you well and safe. As we discover new ways of worshiping and being church together in times of isolation, social distancing, and quarantine, I give thanks for technology. While recognizing that a very small few of our members do not have internet access at all, you who are receiving this email do. It is a blessing that technology can help us to worship and to stay connected. Here are two ways you can participate in Sunday worship for the next weeks:

Facebook LIVE each Sunday at 11:00 AM:

  • If you have a Facebook account simply go to the Congregational Church of Lincoln City Facebook page at 11:00.
  • If you do NOT have a Facebook account go to our church website at this link lcucc1949.wordpress.com and click on the “Visit Us on Facebook” icon to your right. Ignore Facebook’s prompts to Log In or Create an Account, just look for the LIVE feed to pop up at 11:00 each Sunday.
  • If you cannot join us LIVE, you can still view these videos after the LIVE feed ends. Follow the above instructions and click on Videos to view any of the worship services we have posted by date.

YouTube viewing

  • We have a YouTube channel! Each Sunday by 2:00 the Facebook LIVE video will be added to our new YouTube channel.
  • Click on this link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJtJ9sqEZZOU17R8NHjbhqw  or just search YouTube for “Congregational Church of Lincoln City.” Be sure to hit the SUBSCRIBE button so you can find it easier each week.

By Thursday each week I will be sending a bulletin (in 8 ½ by 11 portrait format) for you to print out and use to participate with us as we worship together in our various locations on Sundays. The bulletin will also be posted on the website under the tab Calendar and Sunday Bulletin.

Monday’s with Mike

Every Monday morning in the Gathering Place there will be time with  Pastor Mike.

Each week, from 10:00 to 11:00, we will have an open discussion of the previous day’s sermon. There will be opportunity for questions, follow-up, and open conversation about whatever was preached the day before. Then, we will turn our collective attention to the scripture text for the coming Sunday, a preview of the sermon Mike is working on. There will also be time for general discussion of your topics of interest.

Too often, we give the task of theological thinking, scriptural reflection, and sermonizing to “paid professionals” when this is really the work of ALL of us in the body of Christ. We hope to see you there!