About the Congregational Church of Lincoln City

Worship is Sunday at 11:00am

Our address: 2435 NW Oar Place, Lincoln City, OR, 97367 Phone: 541-994-2378

Our United Church of Christ has served as an inclusive, progressive, compassionate, activist, Spirit-filled presence in Lincoln City for more than 60 years. Our sanctuary sits high on a hill overlooking the great Pacific Ocean!

We are a people

  • who follow Jesus
  • empowered by the Holy Spirit and informed by scripture
  • who worship God and live in covenant community
  • who voted (unanimously) to be an Open & Affirming congregation
  • who seek to serve God by working for justice and peace
  • who practice God’s unconditional love for all creation
  • who respect and learn from all the great faith traditions
  • who desire to be known by the love we have for one another
  • who believe that God is still speaking

Our Vision: Caring unconditionally, Serving boldly, Creating peace & justice.

Our Mission: To nurture a diverse and welcoming community, committed to following fearlessly wherever God is leading us.

We are an Open & Affirming and a Just Peace congregation.

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13 thoughts on “About the Congregational Church of Lincoln City

  1. Thank you for reaching out to our church! As a family I strongly suggest to contact FAMILY PROMISE in Lincoln City, 5030 SE Hwy 101 in the Taft district, 541-614-0964 or try 541-921-8589. They can provide you and your family a safe place to transition your lives. As a church you do need to meet me face to face to supply you with your other needs. My name is Jeannette and my hours are Tuesdays – Fridays from 9am to Noon or call 541-994-2378. Please stop in and I will see what I can do to help you make your visit a stay in Lincoln City.

  2. My husband and I visited your church this morning and felt right at home. We were so pleased that the Divine sent us there on the Sunday that begins Prace Village. Our dear friends Hasa & Isa Brown were Founding Parents of Peace Village. They frequently talked about your church with such happiness and affection. Today we experienced why.
    I especially loved the ‘Peace Medley’ arranged and played by Carol Wolfe.
    As is common for me, the inclusive language of an Open & Affirming UCC Congregation brings tears of joy and relief to me.
    Let Your Light Shine
    Cari Lyn Stanton

  3. Twenty years ago I first made connections with this love centered church. At the time I was an agnostic lawyer with a very strong dislike for the angry mean Christianity I had typically encountered before, but I wandered in to this church and I gave it a chance. That literally changed my life. The minister and people I found inside taught and demonstrated how to follow Jesus’ Way, a way that is the very opposite of mean and angry, a way of Love!

    At Congregational Church of Lincoln City, UCC I found God soaking the service on Sundays and sending us out to be God’s hands and feet and voice all week long.

    Finding this caring and compassionate community of faith was the most life-altering and profound turning point in my life. It led to my embrace of Jesus and Christianity, to baptism, to seminary, to ordination and to ministry.

    Make no mistake about it, this church is a portal to the Divine. You will find love here. You will find God here. You will find Jesus’ Way here. It’s a lovely, friendly, God-soaked place.

  4. When I came to this church, I was a despondent, lost soul, wracked by fear and grief. These great people who are now my friends, helped bring me out of the dark and into the light of God’s love. Over time I learned to forgive myself and others and know that we are all worthy of God’s grace and love. My church is my rock and salvation. Recovery is possible and can be found here…with love, all things are possible.

  5. I am so happy to receive information about our church activities even though I live in Gresham now! I feel connected to many of my old friends. Please note that i refer to our church as our church. Love to you all!
    Sharron Kelley

  6. Top of the morning WHAT UP HOW ARE YA’LL I found a bunch of New rugs at the EAGER BEAVER in Newport on 101 just past Olive St on the left it might be worth checkin out but ” I MISS YA’LL” even carl lol

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